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Breastfeeding Basics, Material For Prenatal & Postpartum Breastfeeding Classes

Video - "Breastfeeding: Coping With The First Week" Features Chloe Fisher helping new mothers learn how to breastfeed. From the review by the Journal of Human Lactation, 13(3), 1997.

"This video is a wonderful educational tool for anyone working with breastfeeding families. The video prepares a new mother for the first week of breastfeeding by discussing baby's first feed, how milk is obtained at the breast, how to feed in public, how to evaluate latch, what normal input and output might be in the early days (including a view of a father changing a diaper with a normal breastmilk stool) and how to know if one needs further assistance.

Several mothers discuss public nursing, including the comment that a screaming baby is much more disruptive in public than a breastfeeding baby. Milk expression, both by hand and with breast pumps, is also discussed. The mechanics of breastfeeding are clearly and thoroughly presented with latch receiving much appropriate detail. Main points about latch are repeated and presented in a checklist which would be helpful for a new mother. Slow motion photography and lovely music add to the peaceful quality... A pregnant or new mother would be encouraged to breastfeed by watching this video, and I intend to add it to my own library."
-Kathleen B. Bruce, BSN, IBCLC Williston, Vermont USA
Time: 30 minutes Price: (US$) $79.95 + $9.95 Shipping and Handling (US orders only) - No previews on videos, 30 day money back guarantee.


Curriculum - "Only The Best For My Baby: Learning to Breastfeed"
Features - photos of real mothers and babies modeling correct breastfeeding behavior. This curriculum provides everything the professional requires for presenting a basic breastfeeding class to clients. The curriculum includes an easy to follow teacher's guide and templates for overheads.

It can be used in conjunction with the video, "Breastfeeding: Coping With The First Week" or by itself. The full curriculum requires four hours to present, but can easily be adapted for shorter classes or divided into multiple teaching sessions.

Price: (US$) $49.95 + $12.95 Shipping and Handling (Intnl. shipping ) - No Previews.

Matching Slides - Price: (US$) 39.95 + $9.95 Shipping and Handling (Intnl. shipping subject to change)

New slide set available on CD-Rom. $49.99 + $9.95 shipping and handling


Get Ready For The Perfect Breastfeeding Class with this package deal: (US ORDERS ONLY)

Order the following items at the same time and receive a $30 dollar discount on the video - a $180.00 value for (US$) $149.95 + $16.95 Shipping and Handling:
1.The Curriculum: Only The Best For My Baby: Learning To Breastfeed
2.The Video: Breastfeeding: Coping With The First Week
3.One each of the following parent handout, tear-off pads:

    a.Directions For Getting The Newborn Baby On The Breast
    b.Common Questions And Answers About Breastfeeding Your Newborn
    c.Newborn Breastfeeding Check Lists

No previews - 30 day money back guarantee on the video only. (US orders only)


Other Teaching Packages:

Feeding Cues Package - Seven color slides of infants exhibiting feeding cues plus a tear off pad of parent handouts (50 handouts in each pad) Price: $35.99 + $9.95 shipping and handling.

Sold separately:

Slides A set of 7 slides - $19.95 + $9.95 shipping and handling (Internation shipping subject to change)
Tear-off pad of 50 hand-outs - 12.95 + $8.00 shipping and handling


Parent education materials - Handouts

Tear-off pads of parent handouts (50 handouts in each pad)
1.Directions For Getting The Newborn Baby On The Breast (two-sided)
Simple, easy to understand directions for positioning the baby at the breast featuring pictures of real babies and mothers. There is a space to write special directions for the individual situation.

2. A Parent's Guide To Baby Talk - (two-sided)
Available In Spanish
Feeding Cues - Hunger - Satiation - Time Out Signals - Did I get enough to eat? Features real photos of newborns demonstrating discussed behaviors.

3. Common Questions And Answers About Breastfeeding Your Newborn (two-sided) Available in Spanish

4. Newborn Breastfeeding Check Lists (single-sided) Available in Spanish
Helps mothers know when breastfeeding is going well and when to seek professional help.

Reading level - 7th to 8th grade

Available in single subject, tear-off pads (50 per pad)

Quantity 1-50 51-250 251-1000
Price Single Sided $10.95 $9.95 $8.95
Price Double Sided $12.95 $11.95 $10.95

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Breast Care: Information For Mothers Who Need To Stop Milk Production Basic information on what to do when a woman must abruptly stop breastfeeding. Includes what to do to relieve discomfort and when to seek help.

Available In Spanish Reading level-7th to 8th grade

Mother's Milk Is Best For Your Baby: Pumping, Freezing And Storing Milk For Your Baby When You Can Not Breastfeed
Step by step directions on pumping and storing breast milk.

Available In Spanish Reading level - 7th to 8th grade

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